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Adeline Discusses Big Plans to Make Sure You Never Use the Bathroom Alone Again

Whether your pro phone in the bathroom or it gives you the heebie jeebies, go ahead and admit that can certainly get boring in there without a phone or magazine. Our best recommendation is a kitty at your feet making sure you don’t feel alone. Adeline, ID: A336663 is making somewhat of a statement just lounging in her litter box, which cats often do at the shelter to feel safe and secure. The shelter can be a scary place for a cat, so the litter box does what any box does to a cat – beckons her to sit. So does she look super happy in this photo? Ok, no – but that’s just because she’s not sure what she is doing at the shelter. Adeline would feel more comfortable on a plush blanket at your house. Adeline is down to wander around after you too, following you throughout your day, stopping to lay in rays of sun on the floor. Plus, you may never have to use the bathroom alone again! See more pics and info on Adeline.

Adoptions are by appointment only as we are still working to maintain social distances. Not ready to adopt? Consider fostering. To schedule an appointment to adopt or foster click here.

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