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Appointment links for all services including intakes. 


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As of August 16th 2021, intakes were suspended because of a shortage of staff due to spread of COVID-19 and mitigation of Distemper in animals.

If you have a stray animal you need assistance with please email: to see the shelters current status and how we can assist. We will work with you to get the animal vaccinated prior to actually receiving the animal at the shelter. 

Starting October 23rd the intake appointment link will be taking appointments for stray intakes. 

We are still asking people to allow us to vaccinate the animal(s) prior to intake which helps protect the animal(s) from becoming ill.  We can and will assist with any supplies needed if you assist the pet in holding onto them while we get them vaccinated. This can include a kennel, food, flea prevention, etc. 

To schedule a stray intake appointment click here:


No appointment needed. 


Appointment Optional**   To schedule an appointment to foster click here: 


Interested in becoming a volunteer? Please email the Volunteer Coordinator for details on how to get started!


Wellness Services

To make a Wellness Clinic appointment click here:


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