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Animal Control

Animal Control Dispatch: 936-442-7738 (Press 2)

Open Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Fax: 936-442-7739

After Hours, Weekends & Holidays

Montgomery County Sheriffs Department Dispatch Center

Non-Emergency dispatch: 936-760-5800

Montgomery County Animal Control Authority is responsible for enforcement of the Montgomery County Rabies Control and Animal Restraint Ordinance as well as the Montgomery County Wild and Dangerous Animal Ordinance. Additionally, they are responsible for rabies exposure investigation including submitting for testing of suspected rabid animals.  The Animal Cruelty Investigator is assigned for investigations of reported Animal Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals.

Montgomery County Animal Regulations

Texas State law mandates all animals bites, scratches that break the skin or rabies exposure incidents must be reported to the local rabies control authority by contacting us at the phone numbers above. All rabies exposure incidents must be reported immediately.

Animals Located at the Shelter

View impounded animals at


Report Animal Issue Online



For information regarding wildlife conflict resolution:

Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution Guide

Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution Guide - Spanish

Animal Control Forms

The forms below should only be used when directed by a staff member. 

Voluntary Statement

Consent and Authorization

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