Lost & Found Pet Resources

Lost Pets Tips:

  • Make sure to go in person to area shelters at least every other day as shelters only have a stray hold of 36 hours to 5 days max, depending on the shelter. They then place animals up for adoption or even euthanize after the hold time is over. You must go in person & speak with shelter staff for assistance.  Pictures posted online are not always good, clear pictures. Dogs can look completely different after just a day or 2 on the streets, especially if they require grooming. Going in person to look is really the only way.

  • Make sure to check shelters outside of your local area as well as people tend to take animals to shelters they are familiar with.

  • Next, check Pet Harbor as they are the most up to date and area shelters upload their intakes to their system, usually within hours.

  • If your pet has a registered microchip, contact the Microchip Company to create an alert/flier.

  • Post signs around your area.  

  • Put a sign in your front yard in case someone is driving around looking for signs or the owner. 

  • Check out the lost pet resources below to help in your search efforts.


Found Pets Tips:

  • Take the animal to a vet or shelter to be scanned for a microchip as soon as possible.

  • Drive around the area looking for the owner or signs.

  • Use the same resources as you would when searching for a lost pet to create fliers and post found pet info and pictures to help find the owner.

  • Please try to hang onto the dog for a few days to give the owner time to locate their dog.

  • As a last resort, take the animal to the local shelter. 



RESOURCES for Lost & Found Pets: 

Local Shelters:

  • Montgomery County Animal Shelter - 8535 State Hwy 242, Conroe, Texas 77385; 936-442-7738.

  • Conroe Animal Shelter - 407 S. Sgt. Ed Holcomb Blvd, Conroe, Tx. 77304; 936-522-3550.

  • Other area shelters


Online Lost Pet Resources - Free Resources:

Have you lost your pet?

Visit www.petharbor.com if you think you have lost your pet. There you can search by breed, color, size and more. 


Search our complete adoptable pet databases:

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