Change a homeless pet's luck... adopt!

Happy days to you- no point olagonin’ the weather head on up to MCAS as we are too jammers with spritely pets that you will want to snog daily! It’s an absolute hatchet plan so don’t waste time like a muppet- come meet our boy Caleb (A313778). Our pets are clean on and you would be mad as a box of frogs to not come adopt one maybe two. We know you have a glad eye for the fluffy ones. We guarantee you’ll have a craic! For more information on Caleb (A313778)

***Please note that not all of the available dogs, puppies and cats are on facebook, so come see for yourself! Or search by breed, size and more at*** MCAS is located at 8535 Hwy 242 in Conroe, TX. The shelter is open 6 days a week for adoptions: Tues-Sun 11:30am-5:00pm (intakes end at 4pm) and is CLOSED MONDAYS.