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Help us save Sam's leg

Sam arrived at the shelter in good spirits - however, it was very obvious that he was limping. Upon examination and an x-ray, the shelter staff concluded that he was recently hit by a car - but the cause of his limping could also be the result of an old injury. Sam has an appointment at an orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday and we are hoping to hear that his leg can be saved. If not, Sam will need his leg amputated. We would love more than anything to save his leg. The thing is, Sam is probably just around 2 years old. He has a sparkle in his eye and he has a happy, playful nature. Dogs do really well as tri-pawds, but we know he would love to be able to run and jump and play with all four legs.

Through our partnership with the shelter, OPA will be paying for Sam's orthopedic surgery and subsequent vet bills.

Operation Pets Alive (OPA) manages the MCAS Foster Vetting Fund. This fund will pay for foster vet bills - as long as there are funds available. OPA relies on generous donations from animal lovers like you to maintain the foster vetting fund. We ask that you find it in your heart to give a little toward Sam's veterinary costs.

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