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Fosters desperately needed now!

Not every shelter pet has dramatic before and after pictures like these, but every shelter pet is as deserving of a happy life in a loving home. Yes, sometimes we see medical cases that require a great deal of special care but we also need fosters for healthy animals. Dogs or cats who are maybe just stressed out in the shelter environment or pets in need of a place to stay until their out-of-state transport all require foster care. And of course, we also need kitten and puppy fosters! The shelter truly has a dog or cat that will fit your lifestyle and time commitment.

Please consider becoming a foster for the shelter or one of our rescue partners. Foster Coordinator Courtney Gawel and Rescue Coordinator Catherine Doyle are here to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

Courtney Gawel: 716-713-1339 or Catherine Doyle: 281-723-0185 or

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