Volunteering, donations and more!

Latest news from MCAS! We are getting a ton of questions about the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Hopefully we will be able to answer your questions here.

First off, volunteer orientation will be help at 10am at the Fairgrounds at 9333 Airport Rd. in Conroe, TX. If you plan to try and stay to volunteer please wear long pants and close-toed shoes. For future reference, Macheal Ita is the volunteer coordinator and can be reached at macheal.ita@mctx.org.

Secondly, if you find a dog or cat please bring them to the Fairgrounds pop-up shelter. This is our hub for lost and found animals resulting from the hurricane. If you are looking for your pet please visit http://petharbor.com/harvey.html. All pets listed on this link have been found after the storm. We already have had wonderful reunions at the pop-up and would love for each and every animal that has been found to go home!

Thirdly, we are indeed open for adoptions and volunteering at our 242 location. The clinic is also operating per their usual schedule. While we have been fortunate to have had several rescues pull animals this week more still are in need of homes.